Louis Ivi Mare Hotel

How can I book to stay at your hotel?

For direct bookings, availability & rates: use the booking engine on homepage. For any further details, please contact us at ivimare.res@louishotels.com

What are the available room types in the hotel?

What are the standard ‘check-in’ and ‘check-out’ times of the hotel?

14:00 hrs is the check-in time & 12:00 noon is the check-out time.

Do you have rooms adapted for disabled guests? Do you have facilities friendly for disabled guests?

Yes. Some bathrooms have walk-in shower as well as wall fitted hand rails.

Do you have Tea & Coffee facilities in the rooms?

Yes, tea & coffee facilities are available in all hotel rooms.

Can guests request room upgrades whilst in resort?

Yes, provided hotel occupancy allows the hotel to upgrade you to either another view room or in a different room type (but with a charge). May to October is the busiest period for our hotel, so in order to avoid disappointment, please book the desired room type or room view, directly with your travel agent.

Is there a mini bar in the room?

Yes, there is a mini bar in every room. Extra charge for any drinks or food consumed.

My return flight back home is late. Can I book a ‘late check-out’ directly with the hotel whilst in resort?

Yes; Requests can be made, but the hotel cannot guarantee this until the day of your departure!-The availability of late check-out always depends on the arrivals on the same day of your departure. - Current charges for a ‘late check-out’ apartment: €70.00 until 18:00 (local time)

I have booked a ‘late check-out’ room. Will I be able to keep the same room I will be staying at?

You will need to contact the reception desk to check whether it will be possible to keep the same room. If the room you were using during your stay is allocated to a new arrival that arrives to the hotel early, you will need to move to a new room.

Do you provide pool towels or do I have to bring my own?

Hotel provides pool towels to all guests at no charge. Guests can replace pool towels with fresh ones every time they feel is necessary to do so.

Is there a ‘dress code’ for dinner at the restaurant?

Gentlemen are requested to wear sleeved shirts/t-shirts and long trousers or smart shorts at dinner time in all restaurants

If we choose to stay at another Louis hotel (sister hotel), would it be possible to visit your hotel and use your hotel’s services and facilities?

Unfortunately this is not possible. In order to preserve (for our in-house guests) the maximum comfort and easy access to our hotel’s services and facilities, please note of our company’s policy that we do not allow non-residents, including guests staying at other Louis sister Hotels, to use our premises. The same applies for our in-house guests who they will not be allowed to use any of our sister hotels’ facilities.